Our Core Values


The Launch Pad is all about teaching aspiring entrepreneurs what it takes to build a company first hand.


We treat entrepreneurship as a legitimate career choice and serve clients from every major and school.


We are all under NDAs and keep all client ideas confidential. We won’t share anything about any idea without express consent.

You Decide, We Support

Our services are always free and the ideas and companies generated belong 100% to our clients. We’re just here to help at every stage.

Our Programs

Venture Consulting

  • Just-In-Time

    We provide just-in-time delivery of resources to the Entrepreneurs as they are evaluating their ideas and developing them into viable self-sustaining enterprises.

  • Development

    We’re here not just to develop the ideas but also to develop the Entrepreneurs behind the ideas. We always support the entrepreneur, regardless of the stage of the idea.


    It is never about us, it is always about our clients. Clients rely on us to offer them guidance and to act in their best interest and can’t benefit financially in any way from their dealings with TLP Entrepreneurs.

On and Off Campus Events

  • GEW 

    Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an annual week-long series of events in November. At UM, we run events featuring prominent entrepreneurs and experts providing keynote addresses, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions.

  • Speakers

    Thanks to a generous donation by UM alumnusJeffrey Feldman, We are able to run the Feldman Entrepreneurial Featured Speaker Series at The Launch Pad, brining awesome speakers to campus.

  • Competitions & Fairs

    We provide numerous opportunities for students at UM to see a variety of events, such as our resources fair & demo day. We also prep and provide guidance to select clients to attend competitions such as eMerge, the ACC Innoventures challenge, Startup Madness, and the Florida Venture Forum to name a few.

  • Community Calendar

    Miami is an up-and-coming entrepreneurship hub, with a growing number of organizations putting on events every week. We try to pick and choose the best events for our clients and disseminate them every few weeks.

Venture Coaching

  • Community

    Venture Coaching Program provides entrepreneurs with smart, industry-specific advice from alumni and seasoned professionals within the surrounding community.

  • Miami

    We want our entrepreneurs to start businesses in South Florida, so by connecting them to the business community early, they are more likely to stay and strengthen our local economy.

  • Exclusive

    Launch Pad staff and Venture Coaches carefully-select early-stage ventures that meet rigorous criteria in order to provide free services and advice to them on a volunteer basis.

  • Mentoring

    Venture Coaches are introduced to new business projects in person through monthly networking events. Goals and objectives are customized based on various factors, including product or service attributes, team strengths and weaknesses, financial resources, and business model strategy.

Our Team

Full-Time Staff

Brian Breslin

Brian Breslin


Maria Derchi Russo

Maria Derchi Russo

Assistant Director, Programs

Samantha Palmer-Shields

Samantha Palmer-Shields

Senior Program Coordinator

Student Consultants

Wifredo Fernandez

Wifredo Fernandez

Legal Fellow

Veda Cruz

Veda Cruz

Legal Fellow

Shawn Wilborne

Shawn Wilborne

Legal Fellow

Kyle Sonlin

Samantha Burkart

Sea Amundsen

Chris Daniels

Adriana Tomeu


Dr. William Green

Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education