August – Startup Book of the Month

Sea Amundsen Books, Entrepreneurship, Founders, News

Read Length – 1 week

Type of Audience – Beginner

Rating – 4 stars

Category – Idea stage (Ideation), Prototyping, Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Well written and direct, this book lays out how to plan and start a side hustle that won’t cost a lot of money but can provide a reliable income. This isn’t for those looking for inspiration to quit their job immediately or take a risky leap into the unknown, but for people who want the security of an additional source of income but are lost on where to begin. It presents some business ideas and examples as well as ways to brainstorm to find what fits your unique skills, then provides a step by step guide on how to get that idea off the ground. It won’t help experienced entrepreneurs looking for guidance on taking their idea a step further, but it is perfect for people wanting to give entrepreneurship a try that do not know where to start.