Video Content Production

April 5, 2018
Job Type
Employment Type
Required Documents
Resume, Work Sample
School years
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Contact Person Name
Emir Talu
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Oprena is a digital media agency and platform specializing in latest technologies to elevate businesseses and brands. Our clients include local and global organizations. As a company, we are looking for creative interns in video production. We produce various forms of video content such as interviews, influencer campaigns, short-films and more. Interns we hire in this field will be assigned to specific projects. By giving full authority, we allow interns to improve their skills and enhance their experience. Interns will be assigned to several projects, length of projects vary. School credit available.

Desired Skills

Experience or major in video production, directing, shooting and editing. Oprena gives full authority to interns and relies on their creativity. We are looking for individuals that can manage the process of content production from start to end date. Interns can use their own equipment, if not available, Oprena will provide the necessary equipment based on the objectives for each project.


Based on a theme and setting, interns will be expected to narrate, direct, shoot and edit video content in the form of interviews, influencer campaigns or short films for brand development/awareness. A detailed description of objectives for the project will be provided, however the actual process of content production is relied upon intern's creativity and skills.